84 y/o twins homeless after foreclosure, but neighbors learn their actual secret

Twin brothers Clifford and Gary Koekoek, 84, have done everything together. But now, they’re bonded together in the most difficult fight of their lives.

Years back, the twins bought their California home from their mom… a house that’s been in their family since 1984. In 2007, they took out a loan to fix the roof.

The twins thought it was a conventional loan, but were surprised when the payments increased over time. When they could no longer afford it, the bank foreclosed on the house.

In 2016, the twins were evicted. With no surviving local family and nowhere to go, they were forced to sleep in their shared car and often go without food. They say it’s like “living in hell” and would rather go back to the war than suffer from homelessness any longer.

Clifford and Gary spend much of their time reading over deed records at the public library, scrambling to find a way to get their house back.

Meanwhile, the twins’ story went viral and people across the country learned about their unbelievable past and the struggles they’ve worked so hard to overcome. For example, Clifford and Gary survived the Nazi occupation during World War II. They immigrated to the US with their families. They fought in and survived being bombed in the Vietnam War.

Touched by their colorful histories, kindhearted neighbors and strangers alike have banded together to help the veteran twins find permanent housing. In just several days, $90,000 has been raised for Clifford and Gary. Just incredible!

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